Questions and Answers

Do you have to commit to the Israel trip in order to participate?

No, not at all! We are beginning with monthly meetings; the annual retreats and the Israel trip are hopes for the future, but not yet designed. Anyone may participate in one, two, or all three of the opportunities.

When do I have to commit?

The only commitment possible at this time is to come to our monthly sessions. As the other two parts of the program emerge, opportunities to commit to them will become available.

Do you have to live in the Syracuse area to participate?

The monthly meetings will be easier to make if you live locally, but we encourage you to consider visiting us if you live further away. We will do our best to arrange co-housing for guests, so please be in touch soon!

The retreats and the Israel trip will be completely available to people from any part of the country. We expect to hold the retreats in the New York / New England area, depending upon availability and interest.

I have another question…

Feel free to ask a question by email!