A Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Paths

Like all spiritual traditions, Judaism and Christianity offer a spectrum of experience. Most adherents of these faiths are familiar with, and have only been exposed to, the outer layer of ritual worship, ethical teachings, and basic theological principles. But when spiritual practices are introduced and pursued, the inner depths of these faiths can be accessed.

Any one path traveled offers its own vistas and insights. But, just as a single perspective produces a limited understanding, we believe that spiritual work is intensified and deepened when it is shared between people of these two traditions working together.

A Unique Journey

Join us as we weave together two streams of spiritual pilgrimage: Jewish and Christian. We will study and grow together over the months, allowing us to deepen our encounter with the One and each other.

Our time together is comprised of learning and practice in many dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. As we encounter each other we learn, grow and open both as individuals and as a community. We began by gathering for monthly meetings from October, 2015 to May, 2016, a phase which is now complete. We are also contemplating annual weekend retreats, and our dream is to make an interfaith pilgrimage to Israel at some time in the future.

Who is leading this?

Jim Brulé and Bill Redfield – visit this page to learn more…

Join Us!

We have concluded our current round of face-to-face meetings, but hope to revive either in-person or remote gatherings. If this is of interest to you, please send your questions and thoughts to us at info@openheartpathways.org